“Democracy For Lovers” Airplay in Europe, the UK, and the USA.

A number of songs from "Democracy For Lovers" have gotten airplay in Europe and the UK, in addition to the USA. "Years of Peace", "I've Got A Brick" and "Bring Her Back" have all had a number of spins in Europe on radio shows that report to the EuroAmericana chart.  In the USA, the departure of George W. Bush and arrival of Barack Obama in the White House was accompanied by plays of "When Johnny Comes Flying Home" and "Years Of Peace" on stations from Texas to Tennessee.

Thanks to all the station programmers who have added the album, and special thanks to those who have shared it with their listeners.

CD “Democracy For Lovers” Available Now.

Paul Lippert's album “Democracy For Lovers” addresses themes of truth, democracy, love and hypocrisy. Recorded when the Iraq war was in its fifth year, and U.S. election year politics were in full fever, Lippert pulled no punches and spared no one, including himself. The result is a compelling album full of songs that range in spirit from rollicking and electrifying to breathtakingly simple and beautiful.

Alongside producer Matt Brown (Trespassers William, Transmissionary Six), Lippert created an album that sounds both fresh and classic in a hybrid of rock, Americana, folk and pop. The album is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and other digital outlets, with CDs available at CD Freedom and CD Baby in addition to