“Democracy For Lovers” is the fifth album by Paul Lippert, a Seattle-based, Ohio-born singer songwriter, following his 2004 release "Life Is Changing." Having lived in five states coast to coast (and the District of Columbia), Lippert brings a keen eye to the American landscape, both personal and political, addressing themes of truth and hypocrisy, hope and longing, outrage and action.

Lippert describes “Democracy For Lovers” as “a record that couldn't wait any longer. When columnist Molly Ivins passed away in 2007, I pledged to do my part to keep the fires of outrage burning until the end of the War On Terror. This album is in large part a tribute to her. In her honor, I hope to both stir some outrage and make it clear we had fun while doing it.”

While his family music fans will recognize his voice immediately, people new to Paul Lippert may be surprised to learn that he has three acclaimed recordings aimed at families and children (including winners of Gold Awards from both Parents' Choice and NAPPA), notable for their cross-generational appeal and superb musicianship. 

His first record intended just for adults, “Life Is Changing” opened wide a door that listeners of his earlier albums had previously only been able to peek through. On eleven original songs exploring themes of hope, longing, dreams and loss, in styles ranging from up-tempo Americana rock to gentle ballads, Paul’s voice is clear and strong throughout, revealing a singer and songwriter of passion, reflection, and purpose.

“Democracy For Lovers” shows Lippert's continued growth as both singer and songwriter. 

After growing up in southern Ohio, just outside Cincinnati, Lippert entered Harvard College and dove into the storied music scene in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Five years later, with many books read, songs written, and guitar strings broken, Paul married his high school sweetheart and moved to Washington, DC., where he played both solo acoustic gigs and Edge-influenced lead guitar for a rock-n-roll band that faded quickly after its lead singer went off to jail for hitting a cop.

Along the way, Paul has had the opportunity to play in concert halls, festivals, parks, schools, conferences, coffeehouses, subway stations, libraries, bookstores, and on public radio. Some of his favorite gigs include appearances at the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas and Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival.

Paul is still happily married to his high school sweetheart, and they have three daughters all grown up now.

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